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Are you just stopping by and want to see if there's anything new since your last visit? Well, you've come to the right place. Everytime we update the Fanfiction section or the main website we'll log it in here so you can easily pick up where you left off! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy! 

November 5, 2006 -- Lots and lots and lots added so get ready to read until you can't see straight!
First are some new fics from some new authors to our site. The author pages and the fic pages are rough but the fics are there. Go enjoy them while I work in the background making it pretty and easy to navigate.
Cakemixo is our first new addition. She has, to date, contributed one fic Chocolate Suprise, but there are several under the Fic challenge area over at the House Fans Forum. Those have also been posted at the main Dr-House .com site under Fic Challenge area and will eventually get archived here.
Our next new author, Catlady has contributed Blood Stained Hands. Give her a read, I think you'll like it. And encourage her in her guestbook, we want more!
KidsNurse has been writing House fic for awhile now and has been kind enough to contribute some of her best work to our site. Currently we have Where Were You? and Eulogy. I'm working on the pages for her astounding trilogy The Devil Trilogy. Stop back later this month and we should have it ready to read.
Narsil has given us two wonderful fics with very different tones to each. First As Brothers Go. A fic about Wilson and his missing brother. And House Party. A look at what might have been in "Daddy's Boy".
Finally, out last new author for now, Nomad1328. She has a small but hard hitting fic Harbinger and we will soon be adding her equally hard hitting novella "An Auspisious Adversary". So again, check back later this month for new stuff.
And not to be out done, one of our other newer contributors sasmom has added French Suite No. 5. As always, she gets inside House's head with ease and insight and explores the complicated and intricate relationship between House and Cuddy.
And finally, Armchair Elvis has been busy, busy, busy while I've been slacking off. Lots of good fic, starting with Call Back, Let it Ring Some More. Next out was Score. These were posted and got buried before I even knew they were out there but knowing Armchair's style and ability I'm sure they are insightful and have that unique AE feel. (Sorry AE I haven't had a chance to read either of these yet). Next we have what I like to call a drabble combo plate, Equations For a Falling Body. Four short tracks (maybe not exactly 100 words but close I'm sure) combined to great effect and image. Lovely atmosphere and timing! And the most recent, Dust to Sand. One of the first takes I've read on House's early life and how the House family ended up in Egypt.
That's it for fics for tday. I still need to add guestbooks to the new author pages so please, please, please check back this week and leave them some encouraging words.
Thanks for coming and enjoy!

October 19, 2006 -- Wow, twice in one week! Yeehaw! Today I've added several new author pages. I have fics from all of them, I just need to find the time to post and link them. So please stop back frequently to make sure you don't get behind.
I've also posted the update to Auditrix's A Guide to the HOUSE Fic Blog, and her new companion fic Ripples. If you haven't sampled Aud's work you need to. This is truely some of the best stuff out there. If you have but haven't stopped by in a while, she is back at it and you need to go catch up again!
I still need to get all the linkage in place and correct some formatting issues but the links to the fics are there and you can read them so go... read... leave feedback!!
Also, if you're an author look for a home, or just a little more  exposure I'd be happy to add you to the growing list of fantastic writers that call our site home. If you're interested please contact me through this site and I'll be happy to tell you how.
October 17, 2006 -- As some of you may know, I have recently inherited the dr-house.com mainsite. PPD still owns it but has a very busy family life right now and so she has asked me to jump in and get the place rolling. Unfortunately, with this, big changes at work, school starting and my own RL issues, I have fallen way behind on getting things up. So here's a start to keep you busy until the weekend (when hopefully I can get back here and update some more!).
A wealth of fic, finally!!! Lots of updates today. First, some updates that I didn't note in here earlier, then some more archived stuff (which if you haven't been to the House Fans Forum, you probably haven't read), and some hot new fics from new and old authors alike!
Last month I added new author, or at least new to our site, sasmom. She has been posting fics for awhile at FF.net and several other forums and we've been lucky enough to have her submit several fics here. Please welcome her to our little corner of the web! Check out her fics and remember to leave feedback. Round Midnight and Stacy's Blues.
Next, we have several fics by Namaste that are being archived. She has posted them at FF.net and the House Fans Forum but her writing is always worth a read, even if it's the second or third time around. Check them out! Curiosity, Family Housing, Cross Road Blues, and In The Rip.
Now the new/newer fics. Betz88 has another angsty monster that I have yet to finish doing all the work on but the entire fic is there so settle in with a beverage and snack and get ready for a good all night read! As I've said before, with Betz, you won't be disappointed! Irony. (Sorry for the long wait to get this up Betz!)
Sasmom has several new ones and a few more coming soon. Here's her newest. The Bargain, Floating, The Gift, and Closure.
I still need to add all the disclaimers and linkage but I figure you folks need a fic fix now! I'll work on linkage during the week as I can and get it all prettied up soon.
Thank you all for your patience and support. We can't do it without you.
Coming soon... An update to Auditrix's fantastic House Ficblog, four, possibly five new authors, some with multiple fics, and some new fics by older authors. So please, stay tuned.

June 14, 2006 -- After much fussing with the internet connection, it finally cooperated and allowed me to add DIY Sheep's fic The Contract , but it's worth it!
May 27, 2006 -- Finally filled out Laura's fics with the addition of Divisions and Precisions , Compromise is Inevitable , A Coin That Won't Get Tossed , Integer , and Kindly Condescension . That's it for today. Now it's time to get theose authors writing again. Feedback usually helps so stop by a gusetbook or the House Fans site and let them know you care!
May 20, 2006 -- Just a few additions today but lots of linkage involved in adding them. I've finally gotten around to posting Betz88's fic The Bitter Angel of East Side Drive . It's in two parts, the link is to the first part and you can use the link at the bottom of the first part to get to the second part.
Next, I've added Taruia's poem Weight of the World . Now poetry normally isn't my thing but this gal really has a talent for it, so stop by and give her poems a look!
I've also updated rtlemurs author and fic pages. I'll be working diligently on Sanlin's massive list of works next! Thanks for hanging in there night owl!
I've also started the reworking of the Quick Reference page. I just have the fics listed right now but will update when I get all the poetry and songs up. I am seriously open to suggestions on this page so if you have an idea on imroving it please feel free to post in the guest book for the site or drop me and email with the link at the bottom.
May 12, 2006 -- New authors and more fics!! Today we've added Dru to our list of contributing authors. Check out a Chase's Pencils, a fic written for  challenge. Next is Carebear with Sight Unseen. And from our longtime author's I've added Benj's fic Tattoo You , and Armchair Elvis' Breaking Character

April 29, 2006 -- We are proud to announce the addition of two new authors, Armchair Elvis and DIY Sheep. Thank you both for choosing to share your fics with us! For Armchair Elvis we've add one fic today and are expecting a few more shortly. This first one is Daddy's Boy - Mens Sano In Corpere Sano. DIY Sheep's first contribution here is Schoolboys in da House.  So please stop in, give them a read and leave some feedback so they feel welcome here!
April 25, 2006 -- Alright, I'm back in action now and should be getting things up in a fairly regular fashion, as long as the writers keep writing. Today I've added Lunagrrl74's Satisfaction. A M rated House/Wilson fic, and several fics by Namaste. Declarations of Independence, a very nice House fic, Come True, one of the rare Cuddy based fics, and The Masterpiece Collection, a more Wilson based House/Wilson frienship fic.Enjoy! And remember to leave feedback!
I'll be posting more as the week goes by so check back often.
April 17, 2006 -- I apologize for the lack of promised updates. The web is just giving me a hard time these days and I haven't had the hours to spend sorting it out. I'm going to try to add a few each day and therefore give you all at least one or two things a day to read. Thank you for being patient and for continuing to check back.
Today I've added CathyNH's atmospheric piece Fugue State.
February 11, 2006 -- All the Author Pages are done and linked!! There may still be some fics to add and minor spelling corrections but we are ready to roll!! I'll be updating the Quick Reference page to reflect the additions next time.
Also added some of Taruia's poetry.Pain, Meandering Thoughts, Pianist, and Promises Made. I'll soon be adding several more poems and several more older fics as well as several new fics by our authors so stop back soon!
If you find any mistakes, bad or broken links, or any other problems please email me at mailto:rtlemurs@dr-house.com. Thank you.
February 9, 2006 -- Fixed link for Approval on Ambra's Author Page. Finally added Tpel1's fics Housecat and House Call thanks to Auditrix's fine detective work and persistance! Give them a read, you'll be happy you did! Also added Pillpopdoc's fic Truth and Consequences. A House/Cameron shipper's dream!
I've updated the author page's thru to Pradon. All linkage to that point should be working. If not, please drop me a line (rtlemurs) so I can fix it! Thank you all for your continued support of our authors!
February 6, 2006 -- Guestbooks have now been added to all of the Author Pages. Please remember to stop back and leave feedback not only for the author but as a review for future readers. Thanks!
February 2, 2006 -- Our first finished Author page!! Completely updated with guestbook installed, ready for the non-forum members to post their reviews and feedback!! Although we might tweak some messages and an update to A Guide to the HOUSE Fic Blog is on the way, it is done and open for business!
And a quick note on the Guestbooks. These guestbook are being used as a tool to not only help the author to refine their skills and grow but as a reference for other visitors to the site. Please remember to be polite. Personal attacks and outright flaming will not be tolerated. If this becomes a problem the guestbooks will be removed.
This does not mean you have to like everything you read but if you did not like a piece, write your review in a manner that is helpful to the author and future readers. For example, "That sux" is not helpful whereas " I found the plot to be nowhere near canon and so implausible I just couldn't finish it."
Thank you all for reading and giving our authors a helping hand. We appreciate it!
Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've switched this page so the latest update is at the top to make it easier to find!
January 28, 2006 -- Added three new fics by Betz88. The Man With the Wrong Umbrella, House Logic, and TGIF. I'm still slowly working on all the links and hope to have them done by weeks end.
We will be adding guestbooks to each author's hompage so anyone can leave feedback. For a preview go to rtlemurs author page, scroll to the bottom and you'll see the buttons. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about anything on the Fanfiction site, please drop me an email at mailto:rtlemurs@dr-house.com. I'd love to hear from you.
January 5, 2006 -- All the "A" authors now have linkage to the feedback forums so if you haven't already, please stop by and feed the authors!
And just a teaser for you folks, I've had word from several authors that they are nearing completion on some new fics and some on-going fics so please be sure to check back.
December 31, 2005 -- Added feedback links to most of the author pages. I still need to tweak them and add feedback links to each fic so until then please use the link on the author's page or drop by the forum to leave feedback.
December 27, 2005 -- Added Benj's fic Little Cut, Dr. Xreader's fic Hide and Seek, jennamajig's fic Easier Than Being Alone, and sy's fic The Better Man . We've also added two fic's to Namaste's author page The Java Jive and Balance. Also added links to Betz's and Taru's author page for Isander.
Plus we've relinked Laura's fic Squarely on the Edge Producing the Ordinary.
We're still working on getting all the linkage in place for feedback so please bear with us and drop by the forum to leave feedback.
Thanks again for everyone's support and kindness as we continue to grow and get our skills caught up with our imaginations!
December 11, 2005 -- Added several new author pages which still need finishing but it gives you a sneak peek of what's to come!  Also added PipTook's fic Distraction And Kit Kat's fic Life Can Be So Screwy Sometimes.
October 24, 2005 -- Added Chapter 11 of rtlemurs' fic "Tuition 11-".
October 13, 2005 -- Updated Auditrix's Author Page to include the GUIDE to her Fic blog! It's everything you need to know in one quick and easy location!
October 1, 2005 -- Added Chapter 2 of Pradon's fic "This Time With Feeling Chapter Two". Check it out, and don't forget to feed the author!