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By Lunagrrl74

rating: Mature audiences.

I’m trying to teach them honesty, and I’m trying to separate their ego from their treatment.

If you’re a doctor and you hesitate on a course of treatment because it might be wrong, then you’ve failed.
People think I’m arrogant, not because I’m never wrong but because I never ever let being wrong defeat me. I’m audacious and I never give up.

It’s part of my charm.

Never give up.

That is what I am trying to teach them.

“You’re fighting hard for him.” is what James says, late at night. For a second, I’m not sure if he’s referring to John Henry or to Foreman.

“Thanks for the Jimmy, by the way.” he adds.

“Oh, sorry.” I shrug and sigh. “I was caught off guard. I wasn’t aware that Marty really cared all that much.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

I turn and kiss his cheek. “I’m sorry. I know you hate it.”

He just rolls minutely, away.
“I am sorry. I do know you hate it. Oh, James…. I appreciate you.” My voice has started out with the champagne fizz of forgiveness and turned into the growl of a scotch buzz.

He lays one hand on my face. “And don’t I know it?” he asks.”

“I’ll never forget.” I tell him with a smile. Moving in to suck on the spot behind his earlobe which is guaranteed to drive him wild.
“I believe you.” he says with a pant.


My hands are busy with his pants and I’m not really paying attention to the conversation.

“Because you never lie.”

Damn him for being smart enough to keep up with me and wily enough to follow when I make a break.
“You infuriate me.” I tell him. And kiss him again.

“And you love it.” he tells me in a whisper when our lips break the connection.

His hands are on my sides, stroking my ribs, near enough to my cock as to make no difference.

“Please.” I have to whisper

“Please what?”

“Please, suck me, please fuck me.
I don’t care which.
I thrust my hips up towards him as he takes them into his hard, strong hands.

“You’re the ultimate rubric.” he sighs, taking my length into his mouth.

“And only you can solve me.” I whisper, thrusting my hips into his capable grip.

When it’s over he’s smiling. “I actually knew that.”

I laugh. “Then you’re the arrogant bastard and I’m the innocent.”

James closes his lips over the end of my cock and swallows. “In this game, maybe….”

“Let me taste.”


“Only with you.”

He kisses me deeply and smiles. “Let’s hope so. I’m a doctor and I know about STD’s.

I kiss him back and taste my cum and roll over. He follows and encloses me in a warm space, just like my music does.

Usually, I can’t sleep with anyone touching me. Only, mostly I can’t sleep at all. Without James.

I know I’m just like John Henry said, I have only one thing.

But James allows me that thing and he still is here, in my bed, after all.

It took James to teach me I could have both - this one thing and this love….
Love is such a pussy word.

But it works. Who else do you call, who is there, in any form of disaster, but someone you love?

James is here in my arms, and I’m half asleep from satisfaction and a good sucking off and John Henry is still alive.

What else can I have? What else would I want?

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