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Author's note: This story is based on my first Fan Fic, "Remembering." If you have not read it, It would best if you did, so this story can bring you more enjoyment.



Dr. Allison Cameron stood by the elevator looking pensively at her watch. He’s still not here. She thought as she thrust her hands down in to the deep pockets of her lab coat. She had a feeling that something was wrong. Dr. House was many things, but he was never late. He had called a special meeting for 9:00 am the previous day and requested all members of his team to attend. Dr. Cameron shook her head and walked back to the lounge where Dr. James Wilson met her. Their eyes met and she just shook her head. He handed her a luke-warm cup of coffee as she sat down at the table with Dr. Eric Foreman and Dr. Robert Chase.
Dr. Foreman looked at his watch. “This is bullshit. I have too many things I need to be doing to just sit here. Does anyone even know why he called this meeting?” No one spoke. “Well, I’m going to give the illustrious Dr. House another five minutes and if he isn't here, I’m leaving.”
Dr. Cameron rolled her eyes at him. “Personally, I for one think there’s something wrong with him.”
“Wrong with House?” Foreman grunted. “There’s always something wrong with that man.” He tapped the side of his head.
“Knock it off Foreman,” Chase scolded. “I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for why he’s not here.”
Foreman exhaled heavily and rubbed his eyes. “Sorry. I’m just behind on my duties and I’ve had some bad news from home”
“Anything serious?” Cameron asked.
“Not really. It’s just that...” Foreman was cut off by the abrupt arrival of Dr. House. He burst into the lounge looking more haggard than usual. Plopping his gym bag down on the table he said, “Sorry I’m late. I was having the most interesting conversation with a well-endowed waitress at the cafe across form my apartment.” His eyes squared on Foreman. “I lost track of time.”
Dr. Cameron stood up so quickly she knocked her chair backwards. “We all have cell phones!”
“What’s your point?” House asked as he made his way over to the coffee maker.
“The point,” she said blowing air through her teeth “is that when you knew you were going to be late you could have called one of us to let us know.”
Dr. House pulled the coffee decanter, swirled the cold, murky contents and put it back. “Yeah, I could have, but that would have spoiled all my fun. Is any one going to make more coffee?”
Cameron picked up her chair and slid it under the table. “Spoil your fun. What the hell do you mean by that?”
House turned towards the question and caught Cameron’s glare. She was outraged. She was trying not to let it show in her tone, but she sure was communicating it with her eyes. “Oh, the fun of knowing the four of you were just sitting on your hands waiting for me. By the way,” he said turning towards the others, “I’m due in Dr. Cuddy’s ‘house of horrors’ this morning so I thank you all for coming and thank you all for going.” He turned back to a fuming Dr Cameron. “Except for you. I need you to make me some coffee.”
Cameron threw her arms up. “To hell with both you and your damn coffee! To think I was actually worried about you!” She stormed out of the lounge hoping she could make to her office before the tears came.
“Ah, no coffee.”
Foreman was next to vent. He was a tall African American man who specialized in the field of neurology. House had hand selected him to be on his team based on his abilities, however, Foreman often felt he was chosen to be the brunt of Houses’ jokes. Standing he said, “You’re something else! Do you have any idea how much time you have wasted having the four of us just sitting here on our asses! The way you treat people makes me sick!
House snapped back. “Well, Dr. Foreman, you are in a hospital! Would you like me to call down to the front desk and book a room for you?”
“This is nuts! I’m history!” He turned to Chase and Wilson. “I’ll see you guys later.”
House looked at the two remaining doctors. “I would guess the two of you have other things to do besides holding down the furniture.” His demeanor was impatient.
“I get the hint.” Chase replied in his thick Australian accent. Spinning on his heels, he left House and Wilson alone in the lounge.
Wilson folded his arms and eye-balled his friend. “You’re lying.”
House cocked his head and rubbed the three-day stubble on his chin. “Lying about what? Wanting coffee?”
“No. You’re lying about where you were this morning.”
“Greg, you and I have been friends for a very long time, and I know you weren’t late because of a waitress. There’s not even a cafe across the street from your place.
House’s eyes fell to the floor. He chuckled softly, took a seat at the small, rectangular lounge table and rested his chin on his cane. “Brilliant deduction Dr. Wilson.” he said with said with a half-ass grin. “You’re right. Damn you. You know I really hate it when you corner me and try to make me feel all fuzzy so I’ll feel compelled to spill my little secrets. Oh, well, what the hell.” House reclined a fraction. “I’ve been wrestling with demons. More so than usual. As you know, I have difficulty getting to sleep, but last night was a bitch. I’d ran out of Dewar’s and I can’t stand the cheap stuff. So to aid in curing my ever present insomnia, I decided to cruse the information super highway. I checked my mail and there was a message in my personal box. You know, the one Cameron doesn’t know about.”
“Really?” Wilson said placing his hands on his hips. “From your mother?”
“That was my initial thought, but no.”
“So few people have that address.”
“Yeah,” Dr. House said getting up and limping towards his gym bag, “and messages like the one I got last night make me wish I had deleted it long ago.” He reached into his pocket, retrieved a small transparent bottle full of vicodin tablets. He popped the cap with his thumb and swallowed one. He returned the bottle, hoisted his bag back upon his left shoulder. “Walk with me to clinic. We’ll talk there while I’m ignoring patients.”
“I doubt you’ll have time.” Wilson said as they made their way to the elevator.
“Why is that?” House asked stopping at the doors and pushing the ‘down’ button.
“Well, I went by there a little while ago and it’s already full, and you know Dr. Cuddy is wise to most of your disappearing acts.
The doors opened. They stepped in. “Oh, yes,” House said punching the button for the first floor.
“The Great Barracuda. I can handle her.”
“Famous last words.” Wilson. replied as the doors closed.


“You see, doctor, I’ve been addicted to enemas since I was a child. I’ve always known I was different from the other boys, but back then people weren’t as accepting of homosexuality as thee are these days.’
Dr. House sat in the corner of exam room two of the hospital’s walk-in clinic with a blank expression on his face. In his mind he was cursing Dr. Cuddy, the hospital’s administrator for setting him up with this case. She knew he loathed patient contact and considered working off his clinic hours a fate worse than death. She also knew he had an arsenal of tricks and excuses to get him out of clinic duty. She had caught him trying to sneak back out past the receptionist right after clocking in. “Mr. Warner, this is a clinic, not a confessional. And while I’m sure that some people, especially your family members, find this little trip down the yellow brick road interesting, I do not.”
“Your sarcasm isn’t appreciated, Dr.....”
“House, and neither is your ruining my lunch. When you came in, I asked you if you had been treated in the past for any kind of rectal problems. You said, “No.” That was a lie, which doesn’t surprise me because all patients lie. According to a report we received from a Dr. Mitchell in New York, last year you we treated for rectal polyps. After they were removed, you were given aftercare instructions which included a low-fat diet and exercise plan, which you obviously haven’t followed. Now, thanks to your high fat, and low fiber diet, one particularly nasty polyp has returned and has magically transformed into an ulcerative colitis. That explains the blood.
“Is it serious?”
“Of course it’s serious you idiot! you are in pole position for colon cancer!” House stood, reached for his cane and headed for the door. “I am scheduling you for a colonoscopy, which you’ll probably enjoy to remove the polyps, again. While we’re in there we’ll see what we can about that ulcer.” He started out of the room.
“Dr, wait! Cancer! I don’t want cancer! What on earth should I do?”
House straightened up and turned back towards Mr. Warner. “Lose some weight, eat some carrots and drink lots of coffee.”
“But I don’t like coffee. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”
“You like enemas, problem solved.”


Relieved to be out of the room and to have completed his time to ‘Warden Cuddy’ for the week he headed back towards the elevators. Once back in the safety of his own office, he picked up the phone, called Dr, Wilson and asked him to come see him when he was free.
About an hour later Wilson arrived to find his friend laid out on an antique leather psychiatrist couch which had been given to him on his 45th birthday. “Knock, knock. Are you awake, lucid. stoned?”
“None of the above.” House answered in a groggy tone. “Don’t just stand there, pull up a chair. Dr. Freud”
“Love the couch. Now if you can only find a shrink that pays ‘house’ calls. Did you really prescribe coffee enemas to that guy in the clinic today?” Wilson asked trying to stifle the urge to laugh his ass off.
“What do you think?”
“I think you should stop stalling and tell me who sent you that e-mail”
“What’s wrong with Foreman?” House asked in an indifferent tone. “I heard through the hospital grapevine that he’s had some bad news. Did his parole officer revoke him?”
“You really want to know?”
“Not really, but I’m a nosy bastard.”
“The story I got from Allison is that his mother was removing a frozen turkey from their chest freezer. She dropped it on her foot and sustained several broken bones. Nothing too serious, but Foreman will probably take off to visit her over the weekend. Now, who sent you that e-mail?
“Ah, frozen foulitis. I hear that can be quite crushing.”
“Spill it!”
“ I know you’ve been racking your tiny brain to the point of exhaustion trying to guess? I’ll give you a hint, Schubert, ‘Fantasy in C’. ”
“Oh, shit!” Wilson said jumping to his feet. “You got a message from Elizabeth! Didn’t you?”
House tilted his head up “Uh-hum.”
Wilson slumped back down in his chair. “I think I need a drink now! What is she doing sending you e-mails? I thought she was living the ‘good-life’ in Los Angeles married to some rich Beverly Hills plastic surgeon or something like that.”
“Well I guess that has it’s perks, too. What did she say?”
House massaged the bridge of his nose. “Apparently a former colleague of hers at Princeton is getting married this weekend. She’s going to be in town and she wants to have dinner with me on Saturday night.”
“Just like that?” Wilson asked. “That’s tomorrow night! Well, she always was spontaneous. That’s not changed, anyway.” He leaned forward. “So how did she ask you? Did she happen to mention why she hasn’t contacted you in almost five years?”
“Shit, James!” House snapped. “Do you want me to pull up the damn thing up for you?”
“Whoa, man,” Wilson said holding his hands up and leaning back defensively. “I don’t mean to be so prying. I’m just...You know, I was there Greg. From the beginning. I saw it all. I had to pick up the pieces. Literally. I’m sorry.”
“No, I’m sorry. You have always been a good friend.” House said turning his head towards Wilson. “Well, of course there was the traditional ass kissing and apologizing for not staying in touch, but I never expected her to.” He raised up off the divan, wincing as he pulled his right leg into standing position. Wilson retrieved House’s cane from the floor and handed it to his friend.
“What are you going to do?”
House looked at his watch. “First I got some paperwork to finish up, then I’m going home.”
“About your invitation?”
“Well, I’m not sure. I not too thrilled about reopening old wounds,” he said sitting down at his desk. He started glancing at a patient’s chart. “No matter how big or small, they tend to bleed a lot.” He looked up at Wilson who was heading for the door. “After all, it’s not like nicking yourself shaving.”
Beep! Beep! Wilson’s pager went off. “It’s Dr. Cameron. I’m supposed to meet her in the lab to go over some test results.”
“Ooh, sounds like you two kids are gonna to have some real fun. House said in a mocking southern drawl.
“You know, you can be a real sarcastic son of a bitch sometimes.” Wilson said with a grin.
“Sometimes? Damn, I’m slipping.” Wilson turned to leave. “Wilson, is she still pissed off at me?
“Do you really care?”
“No,” House said never looking up from the chart, “but I’m a nosy bastard.”


Besides the whirling noise of the centrifuge, the lab was quiet. Dr Cameron was working at a computer console studying the results of a blood test she had conducted earlier. She was a young, attractive woman who specialized in onocology. She had a very sweet disposition which she found was a weakness, at times, She had to toughen her skin since Dr. House hired her. Especially when it came to giving the loved ones of critical patients bad news. As beautiful as she was, she took her position very seriously. Probably more so than the others on House’s personal staff. She couldn’t understand how she made it. She, in her own opinion wasn’t qualified enough to work under one of the world’s best nephrologists. She greatly admired Dr. House. Yes, he was a insufferable at times, but he was the best and a track record to prove it. She would always be grateful to her mentor for recommending her to him.
“Got your page. Sorry I’m late.” Dr. Wilson said as he strode into the lab.
“Oh that’s alright. Nobody around here seems to think much about keeping appointments anyway.” She stepped back from her work, turned and faced her college. The fire in her eyes was extinguished, but now, he noticed they looked quite distant.
“Still sore at Dr. House?”
Cameron exhaled softly and shrugged her shoulders. “No, not really. Besides, I wasn’t so much angry as embarrassed. I usually keep my emotions in check. Lately, it’s been difficult.”
Wilson nodded in agreement. “I’ve noticed. Especially when it comes to dying infants and critically ill patients.”
Cameron snapped, “I don’t have a problem controlling them around patients. At least not lately. But I am having a problem.”
“Well,” Wilson said scratching the back of his neck, “if you’re not having a problem with a patient, it must be someone on staff. Maybe you should talk to Dr. Cuddy. She...”
“I can’t go to her. It’s not really a problem. It’s more like an obsession. Besides, even if I did confide in Cuddy she would probably first laugh her ass off and then lecture me on what a fool I am.. She put her hand out and touched him on his sleeve. “James,” she said in a soft, sweet tone “I didn’t ask you to meet with me this afternoon to discuss test results.”
Wilson began to grin. “Well, Dr. Cameron,” he said straightening his perfectly straight tie. “I never would have guessed.” He took a step into her personal space. “You do know, I’m a married man... and a sucker for brunets.”
She knew he was joking but the feel of his soft breath on the side of her neck gave her a shiver. “Cut the horse shit, Wilson it‘s not you,” she said giving him a playful push backwards. She looked deep into his eyes and he thought to himself, God she’s so damn beautiful! “I need a friend James. Someone I can talk to. Someone who won’t go around spreading gossip like some air borne virus. Can I trust you?”
“Since you put it that way, I’d have to be a real jerk to say no. Are you in trouble?”
“No, At least not yet.”
“You’re not pregnant...are you?”
“Damn it James, be serious!”
“I’m sorry, Allison. Do you want to go somewhere else to talk? If so, I know a really nice place that‘s quiet and not too far from here.”
“No that‘s alright, besides, I still have these results to look over before I leave.” She folded her arms and looked up at him like a guilty child. “I do have a ‘thing’ for somebody here.”
“Here, as in this hospital?” Wilson asked. Her eyes darted away from his. She blushed slightly and turned back to her work station. “Okay, I’ll play. Is it someone I know?”
“Yes. You know him.”
“Is it someone with whom we work closely?”
“Yes,” she replied, her voice almost dropping to a whisper.
Wilson cocked his head in thought. “Is it Chase?”
“Well, it’s obviously not Foreman. That only leaves....Oh no. No! Cameron, if the ’thing’ you have is for a man who has an uncontrollable appetite for vicodin, a nasty limp and a disposition to match, then you’re in for one hell of a heartache! Oh my God. Why House?” He asked scratching his head.
“Why not House,” she asked still looking down at the counter.
“Well, for one thing, you can have your choice of any of the young doctors at Princeton-Plainsboro. House is a enigma, not to mention your boss!”
Cameron turned back to him, “You put an emphasis on the word ‘young’. Are you implying that he’s too old for me?”
“No, Allison. I’m not implying anything. Facts are facts. He is old enough to be your father.”
The fire started to return to Cameron’s eyes. She pointed a finger at James. “You don’t know a damn thing about my father! As far as age is concerned, I see older men all the time leering and lusting after younger women. “Trophy wives” are quite common among famous and wealthy people. Are you trying to tell me that it’s not okay for a younger woman to want an older man?” Cameron caught herself and regained her composure. She backed away and rested the heels of her hands on the smooth surface of the Formica. “I’m so sorry, James. I don’t know where that came from. I’ve been so stressed out with some of the cases we’re working. Dealing with these new emotions.... well, it’s driving me kind of nutty.”
“Well, that’s understandable. This job can be a bit trying at times, but learning how to deal with stress and managing it in positive ways makes good doctors great doctors. “Allison,” Wilson said reaching forward and tilted her chin up with his thumb and forefinger, “I think you are well on your way to becoming a great doctor.”
“Thank you.”
“Now, I assume you’ve got an ulterior motive for letting me in on this big secret.”
“It‘s that obvious, Huh? Well, I know you’re discrete for one. That’s important. I don’t want to be caught up in hospital gossip or politics. I don’t want to be thought of as an ass-kisser. That would be humiliating. I also know that you’re his best friend and I’m sure he confides in you.”
“Yes, Cameron, I am his best friend. I have known him for many years. I think I’m probably the only person in the whole world he remotely trusts. It is that trust, Cameron that’s kept us friends. If you’re asking me to divulge his inner most secrets, I’m sorry, Cameron, I can’t do that. Not that I know many, but the ones I do know...well, I just can’t.
“You must have some advice, Wilson. Anything!”
“Allison, We have big-time responsibility to this hospital, it’s staff and it’s patients. That includes Greg and each other.” Wilson walked towards the door with his hands on his hips. He turned to face Dr. Cameron. “You have no idea what you’re getting into with him. Before you get any deeper emotionally, ask yourself , is it love or is it pity.”
Cameron shot him a defiant look. “It’s no secret how he feels about pity. He loathes it. It ranks right up there with patient contact. I’m not a school girl with an innocent crush. I really care for him, James. Lately when I see him, my heart just wants to explode. When he stands next to me, my stomach does flips. When he’s in pain...”
“Okay, okay! I get the message.” Wilson said cutting her off.
“Don’t worry,” she said, “it won’t affect my duties as a Doctor. I am a professional and damn good at what I do. I wouldn’t be on this team if I weren't.”
“I hope you’re right, Allison. Because if your position is compromised in any way...”
“I know. It could mean my job.”
“More like your head. Cameron, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for love and healthy relationships. Just remember with whom you’re dealing and be very careful He’s bitter, angry, engrossed in his work and in constant pain. However, I have seen the other side of him. Before his infarction he was a lot different. If you can believe that. He’s lonely and needs someone. Whether it’s you or someone else. Please be cautious. I don’t want to see either of you get hurt, again. I’ve got to go. Julie’s mom is visiting and I promised I would be home in time for dinner. So, I’ll see you Monday?”
“Of course. Same time same channel.” She answered with a sigh.
Cameron watched him leave through the sliding glass door, wondering if she had made a mistake. Just as she turned her attention back to her computer monitor Dr. Wilson stuck his head back in the lab.
“Alright, Cameron, I will tell you this; he thinks you’re hot and have real nice ass. He has made sexist comments about you to me, but I never read much into it. My best advice to break the ice...go to his place. Wear something tight and inviting. Be physical and for God sake, don’t go as a doctor. The last thing he wants to have his work follow him home.
“How do I get there?” She asked with a huge smile.
He’s going to kill me, Wilson thought as he whipped a pen out of his trusty pocket protector.


I love the feel of the open road, Greg House thought as he cruised the back roads of Mercer county in his fully restored 69’ Pontiac GTO convertible. He had some steam to blow off and a lot of thinking to do. What he wanted now was some cool, fresh air and to break in the new engine of his classic car. His small townhouse seemed too confining this evening. He also knew going back there meant facing Elizabeth’s e-mail. He couldn’t stand being pressured. Especially from the ghosts of his past. This was the perfect evening to go for a ride. The leaves were coming back from an especially cold winter, the sun was just starting it’s descent and he was indulging in some speed. To him it was a welcome pleasure to feel the wind in his face. His car was modified at restoration to accommodate his disability with a left foot accelerator and he was taking full advantage of it. Like the car, his mind was racing. Memories of his past love which he had locked away were flooding back and there was nothing he could do about it. Or was there? All he could think about was the last time he saw her. How her leaving him tore him apart and contributed to making him the man he is today. How can I blame her? He said to himself. She left me for a once in a lifetime job in California. He pressed down harder on the accelerator. It wouldn’t have made sense for her to stay. True, she would have helped with my recovery, but in the end, she would have resented the decision and eventually resented me. House remembered how much she disliked New England. She found the winters stressful, especially when it snowed because it made her hands ache. Not good for a symphonic music professor. She wanted to stay with him. She wanted him to go with her, but that would have been impossible in the condition he was in at the time. One thing’s for sure, he thought, Once she left, she never looked back. Not once. House pulled the car over beside a small wooden covered foot bridge. He looked solemnly down at the bubbling stream which ran freely beneath it. He began to fumble for the bottle of vicodin in his jacket pocket but his attention was diverted by two figures sitting on the bridge with their legs dangling over the side. They were laughing, kissing and embracing. She was beautiful. Long, straight blond hair, porcelain skin with and hourglass figure. Her voice had an angelic musical quality. He watched motionlessly as they fondled and caressed each other. It was plain to see they were in love. House averted his eyes. He could feel heat rise in his cheeks as if he was participating in some taboo act of voyeurism. He fished out his pill bottle and removed the cap. However when he raised his head up to take the medication, he found himself alone. The couple had disappeared. He felt a cold wind creep up his spine. “Goddamn memories!” He said aloud. “Well Liz, you always did love this place.” He pushed the button to raise the convertible top on his car. Once it was locked into place he pointed the Dark blue GTO back towards town.


It was around 7:30pm when Dr. House arrived back at his townhouse. He parked the car in the garage and entered his domicile through the back door. As he limped through his kitchen, he tossed his keys onto the pass-through bar, turned on a couple of lights and continued into the living room. Upon reaching the couch he discarded his gym bag, un-zipped it and pulled out a new bottle of Johnny Walker Black which he had bought on his way back home. He looked at the bottle and breathed a sigh of relief. Humming “I Drink Alone” by George Thoroughgood, he hobbled back to the kitchen where he found a clean glass. He filled it a third of the way up. Bracing himself on the kitchen sink, he shot the amber coloured liquor down his throat. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment as the warmth moved down his esophagus. His leg was throbbing under the stress of his weight and the pain was moving steadily up into his lower back. He poured himself another and repeated the ritual. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand went into his bedroom where his computer seemed to be waiting for him. After hanging his cane on the back of his chair, he pulled off his sports jacket and tossed it across his bed. He sat down at his computer table and poured himself a third glass of scotch. He stared at the blank screen for several minutes before starting it up. As Windows XP loaded, he unbuttoned his long sleeve shirt and threw it back on the bed behind him. He turned on the television set sitting on top of his dresser to see if he could catch something interesting. He ended up turning it to A&E and muting the sound. He went to his private mailbox, gulped at his scotch and pulled up Elizabeth’s message.

Hello Greg,
How are you? I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. I am so sorry. I don’t know why I didn’t stay in touch, and I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you deleted this message right away without reading any further. It‘s so important for you to know, Greg, that I loved you with all my heart and soul. There are so many days and nights that I regret leaving you. What was I thinking? Why did you let me go? Why did all of this have to go down? Your infarction, my invitation to UCLA, the demise of the best relationship I have ever had. I know, it’s like you said, illnesses have no timetables. You thought it would be the best thing. I know how hard it was for you to let me go to California. Although you have never said it, I have always had the feeling that you felt that if I hadn’t gone, I would have passed up an opportunity of a lifetime and I would have ultimately resented you. Your sacrifice opened so many doors for me. You showed me the true meaning of love through the ultimate act of selflessness.
You probably think I am out of my mind contacting you. After all, It has been nearly five years. I don’t even know if you’re still single. You’re probably married and have a family by now. If so, I don’t want to intrude on your life. (House paused to run his fingers through his hair and take another belt.)
I have kept up with your career through newspapers and magazine articles. I’m so happy things have worked out well for you. (Yeah right, Greg thought, I’m the happiest man in the fucking world!) “America’s Top Nephrologist.” I saw a picture of you recently, and you look so much different.
One of my former colleges, Prof. Resheske, is getting married this Saturday. Do you remember Teresa? You should, she was one of my best friends since boarding school. Anyway, I’m flying in Friday afternoon and will be staying in town for a few days at the Hyatt Regency Princeton. I would be so happy if you would join me for dinner at Les Copains this Saturday night. We had many wonderful meals there. I made the reservation for 8:00. Look for me at our ‘usual’ table.
Greg, if you don’t join me, I will more than understand. I know our “break up” was hard on you. I left you at a time in your life when you needed support more than anything in the world. I have had to live with that every day of my life. It’s been very hard on me too. It’s important to me that you know that. I’m so very sorry for all the pain I caused you. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk Saturday.


House reached into the top desk drawer and pulled out another bottle of pain pills. swallowing two and chasing them with scotch, he stood and painfully made his way to the bathroom not bothering to use his cane. Short trip. As he sat there resting his head in his hands, he said aloud, “God. What the hell am I going to do?”
He looked over at the toilet paper. “Oh, shit....more paperwork.”


Dr Allison Cameron sat in her car looking nervously at herself in her vanity mirror. A million thoughts were going through her head. Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital was only a few miles from her place. She had gone home, grabbed a quick bite, showered and changed. Now, she was sitting in front of Dr. House’s townhouse. What the hell am I doing here? She asked herself as she re-applied a fresh coat of lipstick. What if I make a fool of myself? Well, Dr. Cameron, there’s no point in playing the ‘what if’ game any longer. She looked in her side mirror to see if there were any on coming cars before she swung her door open she stepped out into the cool New Jersey night and made her way to his front door. “Talk about uncharted territory,” she said as she reached forward to ring the bell.


House finished drying is hands and replacing the hand towel next to the wash basin. He looked thoughtfully at himself in the mirror. He was reminiscing over the old, black Rolling Stones concert T-shirt he was wearing when he heard his front bell ring. Now who the hell can that be, he thought annoyed at not getting a phone call before someone showed up. He staggered back over to where his cane was hooked and went to answer the front door. He opened the glass door that entered into the foyer. He turned on the outside light and looked through the spy hole in the outer oak door to get a peek at his unannounced visitor. He was very surprised at who it was.
Allison looked up at the light as it came on and then to the door. She heard House enter the foyer and waited for him. Not a professional call, he mused as he watched Cameron fidget nervously in her pale, pink angora sweater and low ride jeans. Her arms were folded across her chest, obviously cold. She smiled warmly as he opened the door. “Good evening, Dr. Cameron.
What brings you to the fifteen hundred block?”
Cameron expression changed as her mind raced to come up with a reason for her being there, besides the truth. “I was just coming back from friends’ house and I saw your light on. I decided to come by and see how you were doing.” Her brain scolded her for telling such a transparent tale.
“Try again.” House said.
“Excuse me?”
“You’re lying to me. But that’s to be expected. Everyone lies.”
“Dr House, I....”
“Shhh,” he said placing his long index finger to his lips. Let’s talk it over inside. That is what you wanted, isn’t it? Besides, you look as if you’re a bit chilly.” His last remark was accentuated as she uncrossed her arms to a less defensive position. He noticed the inviting curves of her breasts accentuated by the “V” neckline of her sweater. Although he swung the door wide for her to enter, she made it a point to slightly run her hand discretely across him. After she was inside, he looked up and down the side walk as if he expected to see someone standing there watching.
Cameron entered into the living room and her eyes immediately went across to the piano in the far right corner. She had heard Greg was an accomplished pianist. Maybe she could get the good doctor to tickle her ivories tonight. She turned to face House as she heard the lock on the foyer door snap. “Dr. Cameron...”
“Allison, please. At least while I’m here.”
“Alright, Allison, have a seat, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back a moment.” He made his way past her to the back where he logged off the Internet and retrieved his Johnny Walker. He called out to her. “Would you like a scotch?” It is the beverage of choice around here.”
And it sounds like you’ve had a few already, she thought to herself. “Yes, that would be fine. I’ll take mine on the rocks.”
“Just like everything else in your life, aye Allison?” He answered back.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Oh nothing, he said emerging form his bedroom carrying the bottle. “Just making idle chitchat.” He noticed she was still standing in the middle of the living room. “Allison,” he said while making her a drink in the marble tiled kitchen, “sit down. You look like a doe in the headlights of an oncoming car. I won’t bite.”
The combination of viodine and alcohol were starting to take affect on Greg. His customary hard-ass attitude was starting to soften.
Allison sat on the love seat adjacent to the couch, pulled her car keys form her pocket and placed them on the coffee table. Greg returned with her drink, placed it on the corner table between them. He sat on the other couch, rested his injured leg on the table, reclined back and searched her eyes. “Now maybe you’ll tell me the truth as to why you’re here.”


 AUTHORS NOTE: The next two chapters contain strong sexual content and language. Please do not read if you are offended by sex, or are under the age of 18. I accept full responsibility for its’ content.


The two doctors sat together, drinking and talking, Actually Allison did most of the talking while Greg just listened. To him, it seemed as if she had a need to bare her soul. She told him more about her husband and how painful it was to see him die of cancer after only two years of marriage. She lashed out at her father over the lack of moral support she expected receive during that terrible time. She confessed to him how lonely she was. She yearned for the company of a man she could trust and who would not stand in the way of her career. She was tired of the weekend club scene and all the hokey come-ons she had to endure. Then on the occasion she did find someone who interested her, she would tell him she was a doctor, and that would be all she wrote. Allison soon discovered that most men tend to stay away from pretty girls who have an IQ bigger than their bra size. She spoke about her feelings of inadequacy as a doctor and couldn’t understand what House saw in her besides what he said to her before about being “very pretty”. Greg politely shook and nodded his head on cue, speaking only when necessary. He had a sneaking suspicion where she was going, or rather wanted to go. He allowed his eyes the pleasure of drifting up and down her young, firm 29-year-old body. He found himself wondering about the color of her panties and whether or not she shaved. It was getting more and more difficult to ignore thoughts which he had repressed for years. It wasn’t odd that he was thinking about having sex. Living near a college town, and being a man of means, he could get a “date” whenever the urge came over him. However, Cameron wasn’t some whore in a local bar. He didn’t want to trample over her feelings and embarrass her. What the hell is happening to me? He thought. “Allison,” he said, You have the gift that allows you to trust people. Unlike me. I don’t trust anyone. Maybe ‘don’t’ is too strong of a word. Let’s say ‘can’t’ instead. But We’re not talking about me or my lack of social skills, are we...or aren’t we?” He was messing with her head.
A confused look washed over her face. It was a look House was used to seeing at work.
“Well then, who?” She was slurring”
“You’re on one of the top diagnostic teams in the world and you can’t figure that one out? Bartender!”
Allison cut him short, “You are so God damn sarcastic!” Oh hell, he’d upset her.
“You know, you are the second person to say that to me today.”
“Is that a fact?” Allison said taking a confrontational tone. “Well, I guess whom ever that other person was, must know you as well as I do.”
“Better. And, my Dear Cameron, the same person, rather doctor, who told me what a sarcastic bastard I am it’s the same person who told you how get to my house. After all, my address isn’t on file. It’s strictly ‘need to know’. So,” he said arching his eyebrows at her, “I guess you ‘needed to know. That sweater looks so good on you,” he added with a sly grin.
Allison grabbed up her car keys and stood. “I’m sorry Dr. House. Perhaps it was a mistake coming here.
“You don’t seriously believe that or you wouldn’t have talked to Wilson in the first place.” Greg said as he watched her walk towards the foyer door. “I would imagine that was the ‘big meeting’ you had with him this afternoon in the lab.
Allison turned to face him. He had that same smug look that she was accustomed to seeing during staff meetings. “You think you know everything about everyone don’t you?”
“As a matter of fact, I do. That’s how I got the office with my name etched on the big glass door.”
“All right then, Dr. Wise-Ass, if you think you know people so well, what’s keeping me from walking out that door?”
Greg eased his leg off the coffee table, took hold of his cane and crossed the room. As he looked down at her his expression softened. “You won’t leave because you’re lonely. You have a hole in your heart that’s eating you alive. You’re desperately trying to find someone fill that empty space. Maybe you’re looking for that little bit of extra approval and acceptance from your father that you just quite didn’t get. Maybe you need to have someone help you let go of your husband’s hand, which you’ve been holding since the day he died.” Allison’s eyes started to tear up. She tried to turn her head away but House gently held her face and made her look into his eyes. Her stomach released a flock butterflies “For some reason you think I can, for at least tonight, be of some comfort. I know your feelings for me are running a bit more than casual. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I guess that doesn’t matter now. In your mind, I’m the best doctor in the world, and you was me to fix what’s wrong. I don’t know if I can. Believe me, there’s things wrong in my life that I wish I could fix. I’m not perfect
Cameron looked deep into his eyes. “You are very perceptive, Greg. Have you ever turned that perception towards yourself? If so, what do you see?”
“I don’t. It’s pointless. Allison, I live for the day. If my infarction taught me anything it’s to never look back.”
“So,” Allison said sniffing a tear away; “you’ve been hurt too. You must have loved her very much.”
House was silent. He turned away from her and went to the bar where the scotch was placed and brought it back to the table. He sat down and placed his cane between his knees. “Come here.” He patted the couch beside him. She went to his side and put away the remnants of her glass. “I will tell you this, You know form the short time you’ve been working with me, and I’m very big on privacy especially about my personal life. However, I’m in a position tonight where I am at a personal crossroads. I can easily write a one-night prescription for both of us. I can’t tell you if there’s going to be a refill available or not, but before we ‘go to the pharmacy’, you need to make sure you really want this.” He took a long sip of his drink and looked at her thoughtfully. She stood before him took his cane and placed it over her shoulder.
“It’s true that I don’t know the first thing about your past. But I do know how I feel when I’m near you. I know there’s always consequences to truths that are told. Don’t worry, baby I know how to play the game.” She slowly climbed up on her knees and straddled his pelvis, being careful not to come into contact with his right thigh.
Greg was so ready for her. He could feel the electricity between them as she reached forward to brace her hands beside his head. She then lowered herself and was now directly on his lap. Greg strained to control the erection that she surely must have felt as she gently moved back and forth against him. “I do know that you’re in a lot of pain, and not just because of your thigh. If you’ll let me, I can take some of that hurt away. All you have to do is relax and let down that wall you‘ve built around yourself.” She took Greg’s half-empty glass from his left hand and placed it to her lips. After consuming its’ contents, she tossed it to the floor. She raised her thighs up from Greg’s lap, crossed her arms down in front of her and raised her sweater up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She giggled sweetly as she dropped it along side the empty glass and whispered, “I am a doctor, and I can heal too.”
For the first time that night, Greg was a loss for words. All he could do was stare and behold her beautiful body. She reached for her hair, deftly took out the pins holding it in place and shook it. It tumbled down to her shoulder like a cascading waterfall. Greg was totally memorized. She was so beautiful, luscious, willing and tonight she belonged to him. He held his breath as he reached forward to touch her breasts. Allison gave a quiet moan of approval as he gently cupped them and squeezed her nipples between his thumbs and for fingers. “Allison,” He said, “I think...no, I know that right now, I could drive a ten-penny nail through a two by four with head of my dick.”
“Ah, but that would a terrible waste of such a good hard-on,” she replied softly into his ear as she started seductively grinding into his pelvis and running her fingers through his hair. Greg was indeed a model of self control, but the feel of her body and effect of her actions were so erotic, he nearly blew it right then and there.
He had to stop.
“Dr. Cameron, do you know what you‘re doing to me,” he asked while running his long fingers up and down her bare back.
“Just introducing you to a new kind of pain management program.” She leaned in and pressed her lips to his. He felt her tongue pass across his teeth and he opened his mouth to receive her. Their bodies interlocked as he drew her into him tightly. He couldn’t get enough of her soft luscious body. Sweat rolled down his back and all he could think about was getting naked He started to wiggle out of his T-shirt. Allison trying to help him came close to ripping it from his body. Once it was off, the memories of Mick were cast aside along with rest of the objects on the floor.
They delighted in feeling of their bare flesh against one another. Cameron was in a dominant mood and position. Remaining on top of him, she gently maneuvered him down into a prone position always being aware of his injury. Causing him pain would be a sure way of breaking the spell she was casting over him. She laid on top of him and began kissing him again. To Greg, time was an illusion. Nothing mattered now. Not the hospital, Elizabeth, his bitterness or Cameron’s painful past. All he cared about was this gorgeous woman who was starting her descent down his body. He shut his eyes and grabbed the back of her head by her hair. She started moving her lips and tongue down his neck to his chest. She remained there for what seemed like an eternity. He wondered how long he could stand it as she playfully nibbled and ran her fingernails up and down his ribs. Using her tongue, she followed the fine trail of hair down his stomach until it came to his belt. As soon as he felt her hands reach for the buckle he stopped her.
“Allison,” he said in a labored voice, “not here.”
She looked up from her submissive position. “Why? Am I not pleasing you, she asked nervously. He knew she wanted it all and was not willing to stop. She was so close to gong down on him, that the anticipation was almost as erotic as the act itself.
Greg released his hold on her head. “Oh, you’re pleasing me,” he said with his eyes rolling back in his head. “That goes without saying. It’s just that the couch is too narrow. I need to get more comfortable... for my leg.”
Cameron boldly reached for his injured thigh and placed her hand on it. Houses’ first reaction was to push it away, but he forced himself to permitt her touch. “I promise, I won’t hurt you...your leg, I mean.” Her face went form silly to serious. “Is your leg in a lot of pain right now?”
“It’s not so bad presently,” he answered, exhaling, “but if we don’t go to bed this moment, it could get a lot worse.” He grinned slyly at her.
“Why, Dr. House,” she said as she stood up and un-buttoned the top of her jeans, “are you trying to lure me into your bedroom?”
House got to his feet and looked down his nose at her. “My dear Dr. Cameron, you were trying to get into my bed from the moment you stepped out of your car.”
“How perceptive of you, Doctor,” she said as she offered him her arm for support.
He took her arm and said, “Nah, it’s not perception. More like an observation. Your nips said ’go’ and your hips said ’yes.” She laughed at his extremely corny joke and walked him to the bedroom.


“What kind of music do you want to listen to?” Greg House sat on the edge of his bed and watched Allison disappear into the bathroom.
“What ever you like is fine with me.” Se answered.
All right, he thought to himself as he reached for the X-M Satellite Radio remote on his nightstand. Jazz it is. He switched on the table lamp and found a desired station. Satisfied, he kicked off his Nike Shox and laid back on the bed. When Allison emerged she found her lover propped up on his left elbow looking at her in his usual superior manner. She walked towards the end of the bed. “Stop right there.” He commanded. “Turn around and remove your jeans for me. Do it slowly.” Allison felt a flush in her cheeks as she obeyed. Seductively she un-zipped and slid her pants down slightly bending forward. To Greg’s delight, she revealed a sexy baby-blue satin thong and a gorgeous back side. As she stepped out of her low riders, she heard him unfasten his belt and slide it from the loops of his jeans. “Beautiful! You can turn around now. I just couldn’t resist a nice ass-shot.” He patted the bed beside him. Allison went to the foot of his black-cherry four-poster bed and like a sultry cat crawled up the comforter until she was laying next to him. His tired eyes were so blue, so hypnotic and she quickly found herself in a completely submissive state. Her heart was racing! She had thought of this moment for so long. She wasn’t the kind of woman who had many lovers. To her, it was something special and not to be taken lightly. She knew in heart that this would probably end up as a one-night-stand, but she needed to satisfy the itch. Besides, she knew Greg wouldn’t go around “kissing and telling”, as she liked to say.
Greg couldn’t quite understand want her attraction to him was, but for now, he didn’t care. She was a nice diversion that couldn't have come along at a better time. He was under enough pressure at the hospital having to deal with Cuddy’s bullshit and politics, not to mention he was in constant pain, and now the sudden, unexpected arrival of his ex fiancÚ after nearly five years of silence. He still hadn’t decided if he was going to meet with her or not. It was enough to make him want to drink himself into oblivion. However this encounter with Cameron was much better. He could literally smell the pheromones she was releasing and her scent was really turning him on. He knew he could probably make her do anything he wished. He was suddenly brought back from his private thoughts as she informed him that she was using oral birth control. He shook his head and laughed playfully as he gently ran his hand up her bare back. “What the hell do you want with a crippled old son of a bitch like me?”
“Give me a couple hours and I’ll show you.” She reached up and pulled his head down to her. Entwining her fingers through his hair she started kissing him. She was engulfed with desire. She ran her tongue up along the side of his jaw to his ear lobe where she nibbled and tugged playfully. He rolled over on his back bringing her with him. “Wait a minute,” she said, “You’re still partially dressed. That’s not fair.” He looked thoughtfully at her. “I mean here I am in wearing only a skimpy pair of panties.” She began to rise, but Greg hooked his thumbs into the sides of her tiny thong and snatched her quickly down on top of him. He firmly grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pressed himself against her. Oh my God, she thought to herself. I was right. She gently began to rub herself back and forth on his crotch. Greg’s eyes rolled up to the ceiling clutching the sheets in elation. He had to stop her before the unthinkable happened.
“Well this does create a bit of a problem doesn’t it? Undress me. I’ll show you my scar. Chicks dig it! His eyes were fixed on her face as she helped him wiggle out of his jeans. He waited for the expected look of horror to spread across her delicate features as his right thigh was exposed. She sat back on her shins and put her hands over her mouth. She was clearly upset and embarrassed. Greg finished taking his pants off and threw them and his socks into a heap on the floor. “Hey look,” he said trying to put her at ease. “We’re even now.” He gestured to his maroon boxers and resumed his previous position. Allison could only look at his wasted quadriceps muscle and the huge surgical scar that knotted a furrow in the surrounding skin. Her eyes started to tear up. Greg was touched and troubled slightly by her display. He knew her tears were genuine.
She finally spoke. “I had no idea.”
“Of course you didn’t. No body does. After all, it’s not like I take my pants off in front of every one I meet.” She seemed to freeze up on him. House wiped a tear from her eye. “People think I take vicodin for kicks, but as you can see, I couldn’t function without it. Muscle death is very painful.”
Allison looked up into his eyes. “You know, I‘ve seen a lot of bad stuff, especially when I worked the ER’s, and I finally got to the point where I could handle just about every sickening thing you could imagine. If this scar had been on anyone else, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought; I’m so embarrassed.”
“Don’t be. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings. Although I try like hell not to.” He smiled big at her to let her know he was comfortable with everything,
“Sex can be a beautiful thing. It can also be very strenuous and violent. I’ll try not to hurt you.” Greg laughed softly. “Don‘t let my injury fool you. I‘m not as fragile as you think. Just as long as your favorite position isn‘t ‘doggy style’.” She snickered at his joke, encircled his neck with her arms and kissed him deeply.
“Actually,” Allison confessed releasing his lower lip, “I know Karma Sutra.”
“Never met the man.” Greg said with a smirk. “Is he a patient?”


Greg House had a beautiful king-size canopy bed. It was almost too big for the small bedroom in his town house, but tonight he was sure glad he had it. Under his soft, warm goose-down comforter, he and Allison made use of just about every inch of it. He was in awe over how professional she was at the hospital as a well-respected doctor and what a whore she had become in his bed. He was exhausted. She had brought him to the edge of orgasm so many times but wouldn’t let him have it. He felt as if he was drifting literally in and out of consciousness. Like the oceans tide. She had his head swimming and his body writhing in ecstasy. It had been so long since he had felt such intense pleasure. It was as if every nerve in body was burning. She knew so many positions to get around his infarction; it was almost like it didn’t exist. Allison had so much control over him and he couldn’t understand why. She was like an animal, yet so sensual. He delighted in the feel of her warm, naked body intertwined with is. Her touch was deliberate, but soft... soothing and caressing him in ways that no woman had in such a long time. Allison loved all the new and interesting facial expressions he was making in response to her touch. There was hardly any verbal dialogue between them, but she could tell her affections were greatly appreciated.
Cameron had felt as everything for her was happening in slow motion. Suddenly Greg’s demeanor changed. From the moment she seduced him, he allowed her to dominate and lead him in any direction she chose. He wanted to see how far this lovely young doctor would go. Now his body was aching for release and this time she wasn’t going to deny him. His aggressive nature returned and now Allison’s mentor became her master! He seized her by her hair and jerked her down to the mattress on her left side and moved in behind her. She became very excited by this forceful display. With his left hand, he pulled her head backwards towards his face, began to bite on the nape of her neck, and with his right arm hooked her behind her right knee. As she felt him enter her, she immediately came for him. She desperately searched for something...anything to grab hold of to brace herself as Greg continued to have his way with her. She just barely reached the bedpost when He stopped and commanded her to go down on him. Without a second of hesitation she was right where he wanted her. Greg grabbed her by her ears and forced her head down to take every inch of him! She gagged but managed to keep her reflexes in check. She had to because he wasn’t going to stop. Not after all the insane erotic torment which drove him to this point. When the moment came, Greg’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, waded up her hair in his fists and clamped his knees hard around her head. It was all he cold do to catch his breath. His heart was pounding, as every muscle in his body seemed to go into spasm. Slowly he felt control returning. He released her and gently pulled her up. “Damn it, woman!” He said in a slurred voice. “You are going to kill me!”
Allison pulled some sweaty hair from her eyes and began to gently massaging his sore thigh. “If I kill you, at least you wouldn't have to do clinic duty.
Greg placed his arm around her neck and drew her into him. “Yeah, that would be cool. But it would leave an awful black mark on your next resume. “Reason for dismissal: Fucked boss to death.” He started to move and groaned uncomfortably. Cameron immediately knew what he wanted and needed.
“Where are your pills”
“Top drawer in the computer table.”
Greg enjoyed Cameron waiting on him. He loved looking at her beautiful naked body crawl across him to reach the edge of the bed. He looked at the clock. 1:30, he thought. I’ve got to get some shut eye. Allison noticed him looking at the clock on his nightstand. She sat on the edge of the bed and gave him the bottle of vicodin. “It’s late, I’d better be going.”
“Or you can stay.” He said popping a pill. “I have a nice, warm bed and a clean unused toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet. It would be nice if you used them both. Hell, you can even take a shower if you like,” he hinted with a wink and a gesture towards the bathroom.
“Oh, a shower would be so nice,” she said walking towards the bathroom.
Yes it would, he thought as he watched her disappear. He thought about how nice it would be to join her, but his thigh was hurting him more than he was letting on. Greg heard thunder off in the distance over the slow soothing jazz that was slowly pushing him towards sleep. As he heard the water come on in the shower, he emptied his mind. A storm’s coming, he thought to himself as he rolled on his side and pulled the covers up over him.
Allison was happy that she was asked to say. She hated to drive home when the bars were closing and the drunks were coming out. Besides, she was exhausted and welcomed the feel of the hot jets of water streaming down her. A few minutes later, she emerged form the bathroom. Toweling herself off, she looked thoughtfully at Greg. She saw a brief flicker of light through the windows and hurried her self into bed just as the thunder rang out. She nudged at Greg and commented about the impending storm. He was out.
“Men are all alike,” she said jokingly as she briefly stroked his hair. She slipped under the covers and spooned up against him. She felt so warm and happy. Tiny rain drops began to fall and spatter on the panes of glass outside. The perfect lullaby, she thought as drifted off to sleep,


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