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(updated 10-15-2006)

Hi, Auditrix here.  Thanks for taking the time to check out the Ficblog.  This is an ongoing fic written from House’s point of view.  It started out as a lark, but then it grew and grew and grew….

Getting Started

If you’re new to the Ficblog, I’d recommend just taking some time and starting from the beginning.  Just remember, this is written in a diary format, so the oldest entries are at the bottom.

The best way is to go to the front page


and look on the sidebar on the right.  Scroll down to where it says “Archives,” click “January 2005”, scroll to the bottom, and enjoy.

If you use a feed reader, the House Ficblog has an Atom feed – link posted on the right sidebar.  If you use the Firefox browser, you can use the Live Bookmark tool.  Live Bookmark is a great way to catch up – it’s easy to navigate from older posts to newer posts.


Big thanks to everyone who’s helped me with the blog, especially readers who have taken the time to leave feedback.

Special thanks:

to Dr Mac for helping me with a lot of the medical details, especially for the infarction story

to betas Namaste, sy dedalus, and jennamajig

to Marisol for musical fact-checking

If you’re in a hurry and just want to get to the Big Infarction Story – or if you’ve been reading all along and want to find a favorite post – here are some quick links.  Hope they’re helpful.

What House didn’t tell Eileen: The AU Infarction Story


What House told Eileen

What House didn’t tell Eileen: Part  1  (emergency room  -- Monday night)

Part 2 (Monday night through Tuesday morning)

Part 3  (Tuesday morning through Tuesday evening)

Part 4  (Tuesday evening through Wednesday)

Part 5  (Thursday on)

What House’s mother didn’t tell him (companion fic to Part 5)

The Honeymoon”: a fill-in

the pinch hitter

the no-show

jilted again


variation on a theme



odi et amo

all my little victories are Phyrric

9.8 m/s2 

the brain has a gating mechanism

 Posts about Eileen/ The AU Backstory

I remember now

Van stupid Morrison


What House told Eileen

How House met Eileen

blackmail is the sweetest crime

kicking at boxes

that long-ago Valentine’s Day

that box again

codes, coffees, crayons

a favor for Dr Ball

working late

I don’t care if I ever get back

while I looked around for my possibilities

funny how my memory slips

a better ride than what you've got planned

it's the springtime of my life

weaving time in a tapestry

threats and promises

memory lanes


looking back to the path ahead

bread into stones

Ripples: a companion fic

Who’s Who/ a quick recap

From the start, a major theme in the ficblog has been backstory speculation.  I adhere to canon as much as possible, but I keep any backstory I’ve already written “as is”, including its original characters, even if it's been overtaken by canon.  This keeps the blog AU, but also keeps it internally consistent.

For example, in the ficblog House has had a cleaning lady all along.  (Her name is Mrs Brudzik.)  House’s family also looks a little different in the ficblog: his mother is named Nancy and his older brother is named Mark.  Stacey and Cuddy are not involved in the ficblog infarction episode.

The ficblog also includes a running backstory series about House in the early years of his career.  As the series begins, House is in the second year of his residency at a university hospital, and has just started a clinical rotation on a team that includes medical student David Kopp.  By chance, House meets Kopp’s girlfriend, an undergraduate named Eileen Abney. 

House and Eileen bump into each other a few times that spring, but House doesn’t see her again until later that year, just before Christmas.  He finds himself giving her a ride home on Christmas Eve, on his way to visit his own family.  He also extracts a promise from her to go bowling when she gets back to campus in January.  Eileen keeps her promise, but the evening doesn’t end up quite the way House had hoped.

Meanwhile, as House makes his way through his residency we get to meet several of his bosses and colleagues.  He serves rotations under several attending physicians, including Dr. Ball and Dr. Doyle (GI-Hepatology), Dr. Ogilvie (General Medicine), Dr. Roderick (Neurology), and Dr. Hirsch.  To House’s chagrin, Dr. Roderick and another attending, Dr. Jennings, nominate him for the position of Chief Resident.

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