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We've posted each question below, along with a brief explanation clarifying the question. Please look them over before entering the guestbook. This give you some time to formulate answers and thing about the why's of your usage of the site. The more detailed your answers are, the clearer the picture will be for us. Thank you once again for your help!


Here's a preview of the questions you will be asked in the "Guestbook". You can print this out or just copy down the questions and give them some thought before signing the guestbook.
1) Name - screenname or real name, it's up to you.
2) Have you visited the House Transcripts site? - simple Yes or No.
3) How often did you visit and why? - More a 'times per week' or 'times per month' than an exact number. As far as why, it's a why so often or so little and why this site instead of some other.
4) Did you use the transcripts? If so, how? - This differs from the above question in that you actually had a clear "use" for the information contained. To see if I'd be interested in watching the show. To turn people on to the show. To clarify something that was said. To research an aspect of one of the characters or a plotline. To find information to give an accurate response to a discussion on a message board of forum. Whatever it may be. List them all. The more the merrier!
5) Does it affect the way you watch/enjoy the show? - Simple Yes or No here. Clarification can be provided in the next response.
6) How? - Once again, the more detail the better.
7) Do you feel transcripts help or hurt the show? - Pretty clear what to do here. You'll be able to give a detailed explanation of your answer in the next response.
8) Why? - Do you think having transcripts affect the viewership/ratings of the show positively or negatively? For example, if folks overseas read transcripts would they be more or less likely to watch the show when it airs. Or that if they do watch they may be disappointed. This is a big one folks so please consider your answers carefully.
9) Other comments regarding transcripts and the show. - Any other thoughts or comments you have as far as the site, transcript and their usage, and why we should or shouldn't continue.

Thank you for stopping by and helping us out.