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Welcome to Stand Up.
Most of you have probably come here via a link on a related website and I want to thank you up front for, not only your support, but your honest feedback and input.
For two seasons now Taru and her "Merry Band of Transcribers" have been diligently working at transcribing and posting transcript forthe TV show "House MD".
Recently, as you may or may not know, some less than honest person stole these transcripts and sold them on ebay as scripts.
Fortunately (or unfortunately if you happen to be the one on the recieving end of this) one of our members was the lucky winner of that auction and we were alerted to the problem.
Since then we have debated the viability of the whole idea of a Transcript site. Taru and her "Merry Band" all lead busy lives. It is hard enough to get one transcript done, betaed, and posted let alone a full season of twenty four episodes.
Now, to add, update and maintain security to prevent this or any other illegal uses of the transcripts is going to be an added burden that may prove to be too much.
Is it worth it? That sounds like we're asking for praise but in reality we just want to clarify the what and the why of doing this. So we decided to solicit your responses on a few questions as far as site usage. 
If you have used the site in the past, we'd love to hear from you. Honest detailed responses will help the most.
If you haven't used the site but feel it is something you would be interested in, we'd still like you to fill out the form, just indicate that you had not used the site in the past.
To get on with the process please click the link at the top entitled "Got Transcripts?". That should take you to the 'Guestbook' style page where you can leave your comments.
Please check back regularly as we will post any announcements as to the future of the "House Transcripts" site here first.

Thank you for stopping by and helping us out.